[Page 2] My learning method, What about yours?

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Hello again,

Following the last post, you probably feel more excited to join the game development process :)
We should finish reading this post together and share your thought right before start developing our game, alright?

In this post, I will demonstrate to you my methodology of learning how to program and how to create my own games, I think it will seem to be similar to others.

1. Must be passionate and hard-working in what I am doing
2. Break the big "cake" into small pieces and try to completely finish one before try to "eat" another piece.
3. Read docs, wiki, and help sections from the engine's home page. In this case, it is Cocos2D-x Index by title
4. Hand-coding each example (I meant, re-typing the entire example, do not copy & paste the code)
5. Watch online video tutorials on YouTube
6. Create our very own programming style yet following the world-unified-standard. Confuse, hah? It means the code must be clear and the format should be readable. Variables names, functions' names should be meaningful and written in English even though your first language may not; it is because I observe that almost all the code examples, documentations are in English, and there are many other people around the world can understand and help you when you need (it is just my suggestion)

So, these methods above may be enough to help us begin to learn.
What is your approach of learning? Share it in the comment section below, so we all can see it and I will pick the yours to re-post on this blog post :)

Thank you, and see you in the next page Install Cocos2D-x to develop our games.
Happy coding

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