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Complexity level: Easy
What you need: a computer with internet connection (for setting up the environment - website, or blog domain)

What you will be using: Free Web Hosting Service with, Free Google Blogger, and Wordpress Free Blog

What you do - to set up the environment:

I/ Go to 000webhost website, complete the registration step by filling in the require fields as the picture below. Note that you will choose the option that said "free subdomain"
II/ Check your email for confirming your sign up process
II/ Log in to 000webhost panel with your email and password that you have created above.
III/ Now, your site is active
IV/ Click go to CPanel - (Website panel or CPanel is where you can control and see all of your website information, such as domain name, storage, bandwidth, etc. I will talk more about these stuffs later.)

V/ Now your raw website is up and running, but there is nothing in it (I mean, when you try to access your website via your domain name, the address in my case, for example, you will see some default parameter values that you don't need to worry just for now). It's not 'pretty' yet :)

VI/ Now, this step, we are going to make the site prettier by installing theme and add functionalities for you to easier to control your website without programming or coding involved, OK?

First, make your very first website prettier by installing Wordpress CMS (the free and powerful open source Content Manager System)

Then, install several useful functionality controllers to your very first website, such as comment sections and make your contents to be visible to Google Search Engine in order to have more readers or visitors to your awesome website.

*Note: Many Free Web Hosting Services. Most of them will usually provide a subdomain ( or a directory ( If you want to expand your blog site in future, you should consider the other paid options. However, for beginners, my advice is to just focusing on something simple and free at first stage. No matter what how bad or good it is, you will lose nothing, right?
I mean, when you think you are ready to "boom" the internet with your posts (or your site's contents), then buying a web hosting is never late. The important key success is your ideas, folks. :)
Therefore, keep your blog posts or website contents locally in your computer is a must.

Have fun on the internet,
by Technology for Beginners

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