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Complexity level: Intermediate

#The continue part of HOW TO START A BLOG FOR FREE

This post is applied to many other web hosting services, such as DreamHost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc.
I demonstrate this method to the free 000webhost service in this example.

Tools you need: FPT client software, I recommend FileZilla, Wordpress

1. After you login to 000webhost CPanel, scroll down until you see the "Files" category, then choose "View FPT Details" option.
 2. You will see something like this

3. Download and Install a FPT software to upload or download files from the your computer to the web server. I recommend FileZilla, click here to go to its homepage. Download and Install it

4. Open the software, and go to the menubar, choose File -->  Site Manager. Click "New Site" button
5. Fill all the information, in this case, Host, User, and Password (select Normal option from the Logon Type dropdown menu) and click "Connect" button

6.  Now you successfully access your web server via FPT software
7. Go to to download the latest version of Wordpress software package
At the time I write this post, the latest Wordpress version is 3.8.1

8. After download complete, extract the file by right click and choose "Extract All" option
9. Go to the extracted folder, rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php
(remove -sample)

10. Paused. Now, go back to your web hosting CPanel (000webhost in this example)
Browes to the "Software/Services" category, choose "MySQL" option
11. Fill in all the required fields and click "Create Database"

12. You will have the database created (The database is used for store your posts or content in your website)

13. Now, open the file we renamed in step 9 (the wp-config.php) with your favorite text editor. For example, I used Notepad++ (use can use the built-in Notepad text editor on Windows machine)

14. In my case, I changed:
database_name_here --> a1542665_DBname
username_here --> a1542665_name
password_here --> mypassword
localhost -->

15. Save it and Close it
16. Drag all the files in the wordpress folder into the public_html folder in your web server in the FPT software

17. Wait for couple minutes depends on your internet speed until all files and folders are uploaded successfully to the web hosting server

18. Click here to see how to confirgure Wordpress from the Browser

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